About Us

Huch’s Fine Jewelry has been owned by Greenville residents, Gary and Deb Huch since 2000. They continue the home town feel that Greenville area shoppers have come to expect. 212 S. Lafayette St. has been owned and operated as a jewelry store by private families since 1906. When your name is on the door, your life is dedicated to the satisfaction of your customers.

Although life styles have changed Huch’s continue to offer the services people need at special times of life. Our selection of engagement and wedding rings is large. Other milestones and holidays require quality remembrances. Whether it is a mother’s ring, an anniversary diamond, a graduation watch or a baby cup celebrating a birth, Huch’s has the item that is sure to be a delight.

We carry fine jewelry that reflects quality and value. Our pricing is considerate and fair. You’ll never find us inflating “original” prices in order to give the impression of bargain markdowns.

In addition to jewelry you will be happy to see the wide variety of unique items Huch’s carries. Our gift selections continue to vary as we find items we know our friends – and you- will love. Current popular items are Reflection Beads, scarves, Bandal sandals and delicious handmade chocolates. These items are in addition to the traditional gifts of crystal, clocks, photo frames, baby silverware, and banks. We also carry some very “fun” pieces of jewelry at surprising low prices.

We are dedicated to giving excellent service and feel that our customers deserve honesty and integrity. We only use suppliers and vendor that stand behind their products, and we allow you to shop in an environment that exudes friendliness and coziness, and lets you have fun as well.

If you have a repair we can help with that also. We size your rings, repair your broken chains, repair prongs and set your diamonds and gemstones right in our store. We also use certified gemologist Jere Keyes to do all of our custom design and CAD services. Jere has been repairing and designing jewelry for nearly 40 years, and we are honored to have him be a part of our team. We also offer watch repairs as well. We will inspect your jewelry for free and will always give you a free estimate when explaining any repairs that your piece may need.

If you are looking for great quality, service, and are okay with traditions of family and friends, stop in at Huch’s. We are open Monday through Friday 9-6 and Saturdays 9-4.