Education: Diamonds


What Makes a Diamond So Valuable?

Formed millions of years ago in the earth’s core by unimaginable heat and pressure, then surfacing through prehistoric eruptions, diamonds are the most treasured, desired, and sought-after of nature’s gifts.

Diamonds are beautiful. Each diamond is unique, and the explosive inner fire of a diamond offers unparalleled beauty; beauty that can be displayed in the widest possible range of fine jewelry applications.
Diamonds are durable. A diamond is the purest and hardest natural substance found on the planet. With minimal care a diamond can be worn and enjoyed day after day, generation after generation.
Diamonds are rare. Diamonds formed eons ago, and those that survived the violent trip to the earth’s surface are typically only found in some of the most inhospitable and inaccessible regions of the globe. On average, 500,000 pounds of ore must be mined and processed in order to recover a one-carat diamond, and only a small percentage of those are of gem quality.

Every diamond is unique, but there are properties common to all diamonds that determine value and desirability, known in the jewelry industry as the 4 C’s.

Knowledge and understanding of these properties is important in helping you select a diamond that will be cherished forever. Click here to learn more.